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Ruth Agricultural Systems and Chemicals Ltd. was founded by Mr. Haim Meles, with over 25 years of experience in marketing and exporting control systems for agriculture and flowing infrastructure, management and construction of projects in Israel and abroad.


Vision and purpose of The company

To be a significant part of a flexible, agile, innovative, growing and profitable company, which develops and manufactures agricultural control systems, solar collector washing systems, and its operations as a supplier of industrial chemicals.

Leading to be a professional and leading company in its field, which provides a complete, independent and automatic solution for the cleaning and washing systems of solar cells.

We invest time and money, while maintaining competitive business activity that will generate profit, pride and well-being for the company, its employees, customers and suppliers.

We share the path and goals - acting out of a sense of family, belonging, mutual responsibility and a belief in our personal and collective abilities to create and succeed.

Quality and growing - we are working to grow and develop into new and diverse fields in the consumer products group - combined with all the employees of the company, advanced technology and business innovation, we create quality through quality people and quality products.

With faith and fairness - we are faithful to the basic social and economic values ​​- believe in the justice of our path, act with business fairness, reciprocity and good faith.

We believe in providing equal opportunity to every employee - and recognize that professional and personal development is the company's growth engine.


Company goals

Develop and nurture the employees of "Ruth - Agricultural and Chemical Systems" Ltd. as a central and leading value, in order to serve as a focus of attraction and a professional challenge in all areas of the company's business.
Focus on areas in which the company has a relative advantage and aspire to lead in any field in which it chooses to engage.
Grow business and ensure economic profit margins.
To create sufficient financial resources that will enable the investment required in human resources and research and production infrastructures.
To operate as a company that grows horizontally through the development of technologies and products, collaborations in Israel and abroad.
To maintain a system of relationships with the Company's customers and suppliers, while placing the customer at the center of the response and support.
Promote and foster social responsibility for the community and the environment.

Daring, innovation and professional excellence

Creating an organizational environment that will support boldness and innovation in a long-term perspective
Taking advantage of the best talents of the workers fields of endeavor
Encouraging employees to deepen their professional level and expand their areas of expertise
To provide a basis for increasing daring
While reducing the level of risk.
To be open to unconventional ideas to accept the understanding of errors derived from taking risks as an important part of the learning process while taking lessons in an open and relevant manner and applying them wisely and courageously.

Commitment to customers

Reliability and commitment to internal and external customers is a key element expressed in the desire to provide our customers with the best value in solutions, products and services, while maintaining rules that will preserve the core assets of Ruth - Systems for Agriculture and Chemicals Ltd. and its economic strength.
To build long-term relationships with our customers based on trust, integrity, mutual respect and understanding of their needs.

Commitment to employees

Nurturing a value system and a work environment that gives each employee a sense of home that enables them to realize their talents, a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure in their work and pride in belonging to the "Ruth - Agricultural Systems and Chemicals" Ltd.
Creating the mutual commitment system between Ruth - Systems for Agriculture and Chemicals Ltd. for employees of trust, openness, integrity and striving for achievements, while striving for stability and long-term relationships.
Creating a competitive environment that is a catalyst for achievement, encouraging behavior that is characterized by persistence, determination and uncompromising striving to meet challenging goals in all spheres of the company's activity, while maintaining professional ethics, wise management of resources and the existence of a broad range of objectives.

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