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Q: Why should I prefer your system, I invite cleaning teams three times a year , they climb to the roof and clean with a broom and water. 

A: In order to make the most of the solar panels, they must always be clean. If you live in area with low rain, then to earn the maximum amount of money from the panels, they must always be clean, we often experience sandstorms and dust, Air pollution, bird droppings and other dirt causes that prevent the panels from making the best of them, so it is important to wash the panels frequently, when recommended 3 times a week.
Besides, when you invite a cleaning team, you are responsible if the worker will fall off the roof or be electrocuted with water and electricity and high voltage. Therefore, we recommend our system based on special sprinklers, no roof-walk, no hazards at work at altitude or working with water and electricity.




Q: I saw a similar sprinkler system in other company, why should I prefer your cleaning system than their system ?


​A: Our sprinklers are sprinklers that designed specific for washing and cleaning of solar panels, a patent developed by our company. Other companies use garden irrigation sprinklers that are unsuitable for washing solar panels And do not wash 100% of the surface of the panels. These sprinklers disperse the water, but do not wash, do not clean, do not sweep the dirt / dust / bird droppings, and the simple sprinklers are not heat resistant during the day (up to 80° C) when they are glued to the panels and then melt. The sprinklers we developed are designed to wash and clean the solar panel. In addition, the sprinklers are made of special materials that are resistant to any temperature, in any weather and for many years! Our cleaning and rinsing system uses soft water, which prevents accumulation of scale on the solar panel. Our system is very efficient and economical in water compared to hand wash. Other companies install simple sprinklers, still arrive occasionally and wash manually. Not so in our system, which our sprinklers really do the job and no longer need a promenade on the roof.


Q: I installed a solar panel system that I paid a fortune for it, why should i invest more money in your system?


A: First of all, we are pleased that you invested in the system while thinking about the environment and green energy / renewable energy. However, in order for you to make the best of the panels, it is necessary to maintain, rinse and clean the solar panels. Panels that are not clean, lose up to 30% of their output due to dirt. So that through our system, the panels will produce as much electricity as they can and you can be calm that you get the maximum money from the panels.

Q: How often should the system work to produce the best results?

A: Depending on the ambient climate, average area conditions, enough twice - three a week, from experience with our customers who saw amazing results from the first rinse, they decided to even wash every day!

Q: What is the amount of water the system consumes per sprinkler per rinsing ?

A: Washing takes about 50 seconds, each sprinkler splashes about 2 liters of water in a rinse

Q: At what pressure water splashes on the panel ?


A: Normal household pressure. High pressure can cause damage to the panel.




Q: What is the recommended working time for washing  the cleaning system??

A: The recommended time is in the morning between 5 am and 6 am with the dew.

Q: When i see improved output / better results ?

A: From the first rinse.

Q: I have a solar system Trekkers, whether your cleaning solution is appropriate ?

A: Certainly yes, the system is already installed on several systems and solar farms, including subsequent systems - Trekkers, and works flawlessly.


Q: I flew abroad for two weeks, how would I know if the cleaning system worked ?

A: We use the most advanced controller from Motorola, using the advanced controller - Motorola Scada, you can receive a report on the phone by SMS that was washing and through a dedicated application you can view the graphs and complete statistics about the rinsing system.


Q: The system of panels in my possession is located in an area without wired / wireless internet. Will I still be able to connect remotely and control the system?

A: The system is independent, in an area without Internet, you can get an indication through a direct connection to the controller or contact the Motorola service center.

Q: I noticed that some of my panels were very dirty and some were not so dirty. Do all the panels pass exactly the same rinse?

A: One of the things that distinguishes our system is its flexibility and dynamism. Each row of cells receives its own plan and is washed separately. If, for example, in the last row the panels are dirtier because it is close to the edge of the roof and where the tractor plows and makes clouds of dust, the same row will receive its own independent program that will suit it, for example more flushing time, that eventually the panel will be clean and shiny.

Q: Is it necessary to rinse during a period of rain? Is it possible to stop or change the flushing program ?

A: Rain is washing the panels, but rains are often accompanied by dust and dirt.
In addition, using the Motorola Smart Controller, you can set different plans for each season (for example, in the summer when the system will work 3 times a week and once a week in the winter), if and when on the day that is supposed to take place Rinse, it's raining, you can push the button in the application on your mobile phone to disable the system. That is, do not go through each line and stop, but stop all of them immediately with the click of a button. Again, from our experience with our customers, most of them decided to continue with the usual rinsing program and not to stop the cleaning and rinsing system.

Q: Can I install this system myself? Do you sell a self-assembly kit?


A: Yes, but it is recommended to let us perform the installation, based on experience and knowledge that we have accumulated over the years.

Q: How long does it take to install the system?

A: Systems of up to 15 kWh = 1-2 days  , systems of 55 kWh = 2 to 4 days.


Q: What is the warranty period for your system?

A: One year with an option of extension.


Q: I have a 55 kWh system comprising 220 panels, how will I know if there is a malfunction in a specific sprinkler?


A: Each line of cells receives its own program. When there is an excess of water consumed or a malfunction, you will receive a report on the line number and you will be able to see where the problem is.


Q: When a system failure is detected, does it stop its work?

A: Since we use a very sophisticated Motorola controller, the system knows how to detect a malfunction, interrupts the operation of the line and continues on to the next line.



Q: I have a 4 mWh farm, I'm considering putting a robot on. How your system is better than robots?

A: A cleaning robot requires a close operator, requires a lot of electricity, creates a shadow, has mechanical parts moving on rails. If a grain of sand enters the robot it may scratch the panels. Costs of such a robot reach hundreds of thousands of US Dollars, and a lot of money to maintain.
The best and most cost-effective solution is a cleaning and rinsing system based on our company's dedicated sprinklers.
As in the "Fire-and-forget" method, once you put the sprinklers that we developed, the rinsing and cleaning system comes into play, there is no further need to intervene in the system.

Q: I have a 4 mWh farm, but before I put your system on the whole farm, I want to make a Field experiment, is it possible?

A: Yes, it is possible to take a 55kW on land / roof and install our cleaning and washing system, and you can compare and see the system very clean and the output is increasing by tens of percent, and we have systems that are already installed and you are invited to access one of the systems that work and be impressed by yourself.

Q: Do you have a solution against bird droppings?

A: Absolutely yes, we have patent protection against bird droppings.




Q: My system is in front of a quarry, how often do I have to wash the system so it's clean?

A: There is a need to conduct an experiment in the field, based on tests we have done in the past, it is necessary to wash the system three times a day.

Q: For what do you put a salt softening container ?

A: Through the salt, the water undergoes a process that turns the water into soft water, removing the calcium and magnesium from the water. This is done in order to prevent limescale that accumulates on the solar cells. In addition, when the soft water is touched with dust or dirt or bird droppings, a chemical process is created that dissolves the dirt and cleans the panel. The salt also solves the accumulation of snow on the solar panels


Q: How often should salt be filled in the softening tank?

A: Depending on the amount of rinsing, the system consumes 1 kg of salt per 1 cubic meter of water, a system of 55 kWh washed twice a week will need to add 50 kg of salt per tank once a year. It is important to be monitored carefully, to avoid accumulate limescale.

Q: Who runs the system, how to program it ?

A: Our system is extremely simple and you get guidance from us, once you decide and determine the cleaning and rinsing programs, the system will work flawlessly. You also have 24/7 support from Motorola, the maker of the controller.


Q: I saw a friend who installed a sprinkler system but not yours, and still get to wash it manually, is that the same with you?

A: Simple irrigation sprinklers like your friend installed are not intended for washing and cleaning solar panels, they are designed to irrigate a garden area (they are sprayers, not washing and cleaners), so these sprays do not work properly. Therefore, the company that installed the sprinklers, absurd as it is, sends a manual cleaning and rinsing team.
In many tests and field experiments, we realized that in order to be efficient in cleaning and washing, we will need to develop a special sprinkler that meets all the requirements. And that's what we did, the R&D department combined with the QA department developed a special weather-resistant sprinkler which washes and cleans the panel efficiently so there is no need for additional manual rinsing.

Q: Well, I understood the great efficiency of your system and I was convinced, I want your system. What should I do in order to prepare accordingly?

A: At the meeting with us you will get all the necessary information.


Q: I have a system of 55 kWh, within a while from the moment the contract is signed, will I have a cleaning and rinsing system from your company "Ruth Agricultural Systems"?

A: A few days, most of the necessary equipment is in stock, with installation time around 2-4 working days for a 55 kWh system.

Q: The panels that i have are diagonally and angular installed, will your system be suitable for such a solar system??

A: We have a solution to this situation, but there is a need to see in the field. Contact us to schedule a meeting.


Q: What is the difference between the "Tal" washing system and the "Tamir" washing system?" ?

A: In the "Tal" washing system as part of the entire system, we use the most advanced controller - Motorola Scada. The "Tamir" washing system is designed for small systems up to 25 kWh, and uses a smaller and simpler controller - and the price is significantly cheaper. In both types of cleaning systems, we use the same sprinklers, of course if you still want a Motorola Scada, this is definitely possible (at an additional cost).



Q: I have a system of 55 kWh on a roof and another system of 100 kWh on a nearby roof. Is it possible to consolidate the rinsing systems?


A: We need to see the distance between the roofs and make the necessary adjustments, but there is definitely a possibility to combine the cleaning and washing systems, with the possibility of using one controller and one softening system, which significantly reduces costs. 

Q: I currently have 55 kWh and i am on my way to add another 55 kWh nearby, will I need two separate washing systems ?

A: No, after installing on a 55 kWh system, we can use the same controller and softening system, which will lower costs in the future installation.

Q: Is there a monthly fee? annual fee?

A: No, there is no additional monthly or annual fee. The quotation includes all parts, hours, support, training and one year warranty. It's a fixed price.

Q: Is it possible to purchase your sprinklers in a store? ?

A: No, our sprinklers are developed by us and they are patent and are not off the shelf products. There is an option to purchase them through us  (Min 300 units).


Q: Who gives me warranty for the product?


A: You get a warranty certificate for one year from us. In addition, systems with a Motorola controller, you are fully get warranty, service and support from Motorola Solutions.



Q: What happens after a year in terms of responsibility and warranty?

A: Since there is no need for maintenance and the system is very reliable, and the sprinklers are designed to hold for decades, there is no need for service and support and therefore we do not charge extra. Our customers saw that there was no need for maintenance and the system works perfectly, so there is no additional charge for warranty and service. Of course, anyone who wants expanded warranty has an option to purchase.

If you have an additional question that does not appear here on the page, please contact us, and we will be glad to answer.

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