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Safety in cleaning and washing solar panels

There are several methods for cleaning and washing solar panels. When the cheapest is manual washing. You or another person you bring, goes up to the roof and passes a broom and water on the solar panel.
butWhat is cheap is not always good and even dangerous!

How many times in the last year have you heard of an employee who fell from working at a height???

Did you know that when a worker goes up to the roof,You are in chargefor all his exploits??? If harm befalls him,You are guilty, you will bear the consequences!

And what about working with electricity and water? Will you take on the responsibility of letting an employee wash when there is a real danger of electrocution around him, surrounded by 450 volts?

The fact that you turn off the electricity does not mean that you have also turned off the sun, the panels continue to produce electricity...


The manual washing method is not recommended, is dangerous for the worker and is a real risk to your future!

Did you know that when the broom he uses causes a small crack in the panel and combined with the water the result will be fatal, electrocution and death And you are the one responsible, you will bear the consequences because you gave him permission to go up to the roof.

And what about the washing hours you allow the employee to wash and clean manually? During the day the panels are very, very hot (80-90 degrees) and when you spray water on them at an inappropriate pressure, you cause actual damage to the solar panel.

Of course there is also a crazy waste of water because you don't really know how much water was used.

Most people also do not have a permit to work at height and again,You are responsible for any malfunction that occurs and you will bear the consequences.

The conclusion is clear - a manual washing method is not recommended, is dangerous for the employee and is a real risk for your future!

The manual washing method is not recommended, is dangerous for the worker and is a real risk to your future!

The solution of Ruth Systems for Agriculture Ltd is the most appropriate, effective, profitable and efficient solution for you!

There is no boardwalk on the roof, no risk of working with water and electricity.

Get in touch today and make an appointment with us.

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